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Passion Led Us Here

Passion brings us to this work.

You've come this far! I'll take you to the next steps with intention and tools.

Check out the Care Toolbox Workshop, explore the Mentoring Program, or sign up for Consult Coaching! This page will change as new offerings are listed so check back often. I'm excited to work with you!



Handyman Tools
Care Toolbox for Birth Professionals

Date: TBD
Where: TBD

Cost: Sliding Scale of $175-$225

Venmo: @wilderkruzan

We've been there with our clients, or with friends or family. We know something happened but we don't know how to help.  Sometimes we might freeze, or say the only thing that comes to mind that later, we may regret. 

After 25 years of assisting families, and 5 years speaking about trauma, I've learned a few things I'd love to share with you. Join me in this two-day workshop where we will build up your toolbox and your confidence in these tender moments.
This workshop is for you if you...

* are working with families and feel stuck when your clients are experiencing stress or trauma

* would like to have tools to help reduce harm in stressful environments

* want to understand how stress/trauma affect things like pain management, decision-making, and more

* would like to understand the impacts of toxic stress/trauma on families and what we can do in the moment to help mitigate it

* want to experience a supportive environment where you can explore your experiences and reframe them with new tools and self care

Mentoring for Birth Professionals

Image by Clark Tibbs
One-on-One Mentoring Program with Wilder

Four-month In-person or virtual program

Cost: Sliding Scale of $75-$125/monthly


It can be daunting to come out of training suddenly realizing that there are so many things that you didn't get a chance to learn. In such a short training period, there is just no way to do it all, so we must walk our passion out into the world having very little idea about how to get clients, what to charge, how to ask for money, and so much more.  

This is the way... 

In this four-month mentorship, we will work closely together to help you craft the practice that you envision to be satisfying and sustainable for you. You will delve into many topics, some of which are below:


  • The importance of building a network

  • Client interactions

  • Discussing money with your clients

  • Self-care, boundaries, and family foundations

  • Professionalism

  • Cultural awareness & sensitivity

  • Interacting with providers

  • Navigating complex topics with clients

  • Trauma tools

Consult Coaching

Virtual Consult Coaching Session

Oh, the consultation.... you've earned it! You've hit the right notes to attract a potential client, and now they're curious enough about your services to make an appointment with you.

Well done!

You've completed training, now what?


Consults are one of the most nerve-wracking parts to learn when it comes to birth work. It seems like everything is at stake, and in a way, it is. We ultimately want to close the deal and get hired so we can move on to the best parts.

You want to feel confident in your consults, start here! 


Rather than teaching you a rubber-stamp approach to your consultations, I will help you identify what you do well, and build on those strengths. Bring your unique 'you' to the client, and get booked! Choose the route that would work best for you:

  • Virtual Coaching - $65: Set up a session with me to go over your process and provide encouragement and feedback . Do your consults reach the customer base you want? Are you talking more than listening? At the end of the consult, what do they know about you that is memorable? Let's explore!

  • Virtual Consult, with Coaching - $100:  We will schedule a virtual mock-consult appointment. This allows us to get right up front with how your consults go! You will get immediate feedback on the consult, and then a thorough written report with what went well, what needs work and some tools to take you forward. You may opt for a second appointment to review the feedback and start mapping out any changes you want to make in your process.

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