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Creatrix, World Changer

It's great to meet you! Here's a little about me.

I love teaching! I have been teaching workshops and classes since 2002, including childbirth education and professional workshops for birth professionals. I write my own curriculum that is based on the courses I've taken over time, as well as my experience at hundreds of birth as a doula, and serving thousands of families with support and education over the last two decades.

I've served the Kitsap Community as liaison between families and resources for almost 30 years and there's no stopping now. I am excited to help support sustainable businesses for birth professionals so that we can provide families with a strong web of support as they emerge into parenthood.

Getting personal

I live in Olalla with my unconventional family and we are growing our little version of queer utopia right here in South Kitsap. I am excited to work with people from all backgrounds, with the common ground that we are all seeking to take the best care of those we love, even if we have different approaches.

I passionately love people and curiosity is how I navigate relationships. I can't make you an expert, but I can share what I've learned and help you skip those steps! 


I believe that solutions require innovation and daring, an understanding of systems while also thinking outside the box. As a result, I've had many personal and professional adventures that have informed my approach to supporting others in their journeys.


Professional Background


My strengths are in leading groups, facilitation, public speaking, teaching, communication, conflict resolution and holding space in challenging environments. I am excited about people and building community.



Awards and Acknowledgements

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