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Birth is an journey into the unknown, every time. Place some lights along the path with a great childbirth class!

You are unique, your family is unique, and your birth will be, too.


Whatever your plan for your birth, it helps to be informed. Whether you are birthing in the hospital, excited about your epidural, or looking for a waterbirth in your home, you will need to cope with labor and make decisions along the way. In this dynamic and interactive class, you’ll laugh your way to mapping out the route to the birth that’s right for you!

You will leave this class with:​

  • Skills to cope with the sensations of labor

  • Pain coping support techniques for partners

  • Preparing for postpartum

  • Tools to prepare your relationship for parenting

  • … and so much more!​

Doula at Home
Upcoming In-Person Classes

  • Four-Week Series (in-person) with Liv Counsel 

    • $450/family​​

      • August 7-28 (Mondays), 6:30-8:30

      • September 5-25 (Tuesdays), 6:30-8:30

      • October TBD

      • November TBD

Preparing for Class

All classes are currently held at True North Birth Center in Poulsbo. We learn better when we are comfortable, so please dress to your comfort and feel free to bring your dinner with you. Masking is optional; if you are recovering from a cold (still coughing/drippy but over the worst of it) please wear a mask to class for everyone's comfort. 

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